Lampadaire d'angle Lampadaire d'angle

Lampadaire d'angle

À partir de €141,95 EUR
Applique linéaire minimaliste et moderne Linear Minimalist Wall Lamp
Applique linéaire d'extérieur Svelte IP65 Applique linéaire d'extérieur Svelte IP65
Applique murale ronde minimaliste moderne Applique murale ronde minimaliste moderne
Applique murale facile à aimer Applique murale facile à aimer

Applique murale facile à aimer

À partir de €141,95 EUR
Applique d'extérieur Svelte RVB Applique d'extérieur Svelte RVB

Applique d'extérieur Svelte RVB

À partir de €131,95 EUR
Modern Lighting - Concentric Cube Table LampModern Lighting - Concentric Cube Table Lamp
Applique murale Céline Applique murale Céline
Suspension LED à boucle circulaireSuspension LED à boucle circulaire

Suspension LED à boucle circulaire

À partir de €376,95 EUR
Applique Linéaire AmoreMinimalist Linear Wall Lamp led Atmosphere Lighting Works with Alexa

Applique Linéaire Amore

À partir de €141,95 EUR
Blomo Wabi Sabi Blomo Wabi Sabi

Blomo Wabi Sabi

À partir de €235,95 EUR
Lumière de miroir infini de cercle 3DLumière de miroir infini de cercle 3D

Lumière de miroir infini de cercle 3D

À partir de €235,95 EUR
Lumière de miroir triangulaire infini modèle 3D Lumière de miroir triangulaire infini modèle 3D

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If you are looking for a lighting style that’s inspired by city life, look no further than metropolitan lighting. This style can take on a virtually limitless array of forms, incorporating elements that celebrate traditional, artistic, industrial, and classic features.

So many elements mean that there are a wide range of options for lighting styles included within the metropolitan style; so many, in fact, that it’s possible to employ this style in every room and achieve a look that differs completely from the style featured in the next one.

Ozarké metropolitan light fixtures include lamps, pendants, chandeliers, and wall and outdoor lighting.


Our floor, table, sand art, and levitating metropolitan lamps all bring modern lighting styles to your home. Looking for something more traditional? Consider our Vintage Luxe Smart Tripod floor lamp, which illuminates the domestic space with vintage style.

Our TouchGlow lamp provides full control over your task lighting with a simple metropolitan silhouette. The Magic Mushroom and Sands of Time table lamps provide a whimsical and artistic element to any room.

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Whether you’re looking to add lighting that flows, pays homage to earlier days, or pushes the boundaries of experimental style, Ozarké’s pendant collections are sure to please. Consider our Modern Nordic vertical and horizontal minimalist pendant styles for rooms needing understated illumination.

Our circular loop and globe pendants add movement to your space, and the Ozarké Wabi Sabi collection provides vintage-inspired charm.

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Ozarké celebrates the metropolitan aesthetic with a collection of metropolitan chandeliers in several breathtaking styles. Consider the classic look and feel that the Golden Cascade, Celestial, and Luxurious Luster selections offer.

The Nordic Modern and Modern Luxury styles provide clever, intriguing, and eye-catching designs. Our smart chandeliers combine chandelier lighting and multi-speed fans that you control with your device.

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Wall and Outdoor Lighting

From metropolitan wall sconces and linear lighting to 3D mirror and moon lights, Ozarké has a style to suit your home. Grace your outdoors with impressive lamps that install directly onto outdoor walls and instantly set the mood. Inside, choose sophisticated and modern wall lamps like Noire and Easy to Love, or add otherworldly mystique with the 3D Octagon Infinity Mirror or Nordic moon wall light.

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Metropolitan Lighting FAQ

Q: Can you define metropolitan lighting?

A: “Lighting” refers to both the fixtures that house lights, as well as the many available lighting methods. The metropolitan lighting style is inspired by a combination of elements found in large European and American cities, such as artwork and sculptures. It’s also inspired by several styles, including Art Deco and experimental.

Q: Is this type of lighting stylish?

A: Because it echoes so many different eras and schools of design, the metropolitan style is definitely a stylish one! Unlike the latest trends, the many looks you can achieve with metropolitan style allow your home to be stylish long after other trends have fizzled out.