Immense Outdoor Modern Linear Wall LampImmense Outdoor Modern Linear Wall Lamp
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Svelte Outdoor Linear Wall Lamp IP65Svelte Outdoor Linear Wall Lamp IP65
Svelte RGB Outdoor Wall LampSvelte RGB Outdoor Wall Lamp
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Svelte RGB Outdoor Wall Lamp

$139.99 USD $349.99 USD
Solar Glow Outdoor LampSolar Glow Outdoor Lamp
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Solar Glow Outdoor Lamp

$169.99 USD $299.99 USD
Svelte Smart Outdoor Wall LampSvelte Smart Outdoor Wall Lamp
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Svelte Smart Outdoor Wall Lamp

$249.99 USD $419.99 USD

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Brighten up the exterior of your home with modern outdoor wall lighting. At Ozarké, you’ll find a wide range of outdoor wall lights that can be installed strategically to light up your patio, porch, or walkway.

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The modern minimalist style embraces simplicity. Its clean lines and elimination of visual clutter make this style ideal for adding subtle sophistication and soothing energy that reduces distraction. Modern minimalist products typically feature neutral color palettes and use a variety of materials that celebrate the essence and beauty of nature.

Choosing modern minimalist products means investing in timeless style. An ideal way to achieve the minimalist look is to choose and build around a piece that will be the room’s focal point. To accomplish this, choose practical pieces in colors and patterns that draw the eye, but which don’t take the focus off their functionality.

Ozarké’s collections of modern outdoor wall lighting, wall panels, furniture, and decor give you a “clean slate” to design your way, without having to be tethered to any one style.


Ozarké’s collection of outdoor solar lamps, RGB minimalist lighting, and smart outdoor lamps has something for everyone. Our modern outdoor lighting collection contains understated products for your space. Linear outdoor lamps by Svelte and Immense offer illumination and minimalist style with several options.

The Solar Glow outdoor lamp catches the eye with an artistic style that provides outdoor spaces with a subtle glow. The solar version of the Immense modern outdoor wall lamp uses P65-rated solar technology to envelop your outdoors in modern minimalism’s function and style.

Minimalist outdoor lighting also provides a practical element, installing on walls, entrance ways, and similar locations for continuous clean lines and illumination that doesn’t ever add clutter to outdoor areas.

Wall Panels and Tiles

Ozarké is where beauty meets function and sustainability, and that’s certainly true with our indoor and outdoor wall panels and tiles.Our selection offers noise reduction, clean lines and the opportunity to configure your tiles and panels in a way that reflects your unique style.

Choose from acoustic panels in wide slat and slim wide slat panels or tiles. Looking for noise reduction in your outdoor spaces? Our outdoor composite wood effect wall brings minimalist style and unparalleled durability with water and UV resistance and a co-extrusion surface treatment to maintain a beautiful look for the long-term.

Our peel and stick tiles can be used indoors or out. Available in rectangle and hexagon styles in a range of color combinations, our tiles add minimalist subtlety wherever they’re installed.

Furniture and Decor

Elevate your minimalist space with console, side, coffee, and smart tables from Ozarké. Our tables are available in a wide range of intriguing shapes, materials, and patterns to add subdued elegance to any space. Our smart tables feature wireless Bluetooth connectivity, charging, and refrigeration in sublime artistic styles.

Made from solid wood, Ozarké’s modern minimalist wooden wall panels begin providing you with style the instant they’re placed. Dark and light oak colors, and the clean pattern generates interest without overwhelming your space.

Be sure to explore all of our lighting, wall panels, and tiles, and our furniture and decor collections. Have questions? Consult our FAQ, email, or call 1-800-604-7271.