Our World Class Designer Trade Program was developed around one thing and one thing only, CUSTOMER CENTRICITY. Our priority is to make the purchasing process easier by providing competitive pricing, streamlined access to a service representative, and alleviating the billing process through in-store and online tax-exemptions.
We currently have over 150 designers enrolled in our Interior Designer Program. This program is suitable for professional interior designers, developers, and small or large business owners.
Benefits of this program:
  • Exclusive sales and discounts that is only available to our designer community. (10-20% range)
  • Custom designs 
  • Free samples of our new designs
  • Free shipping
  • Zero sales tax if you qualify
  • Access to 24/7 support via phone, text messages or email
  • Custom discount code
To Qualify:
  • Fill out the form below or send an email to our BBP director alex@ozarke.com
  • Include a picture of your business card
  • LinkedIn profile link
  • Company name
  • Phone number
  • Business email address (preferably a company email address)
  • Your full address (this will be used to send out samples of new products)
We are looking forward to partnering with you!