Sands of Time Minimalist LampSands of Time Minimalist Lamp
On sale

Sands of Time Minimalist Lamp

$234.00 AUD $468.00 AUD
Motion Sensor Rechargeable LightMotion Sensor Rechargeable Light
On sale

Motion Sensor Rechargeable Light

$78.00 AUD $109.00 AUD
Léger LED Table LampLéger LED Table Lamp
On sale

Léger LED Table Lamp

$172.00 AUD $218.00 AUD
Modern Lighting - Concentric Cube Table LampModern Lighting - Concentric Cube Table Lamp
On sale
Everlasting Candle WarmerEverlasting Candle Warmer
On sale

Everlasting Candle Warmer

$156.00 AUD $468.00 AUD
Minuit Clock LampMinuit Clock Lamp
On sale

Minuit Clock Lamp

$234.00 AUD $312.00 AUD
Bliss Lamp with Dual Wireless Phone ChargerBliss Lamp with Dual Wireless Phone Charger
On sale
Melrose Table LampMelrose Table Lamp
On sale

Melrose Table Lamp

$125.00 AUD $234.00 AUD
Clock Lamp with Phone Wireless ChargerClock Lamp with Phone Wireless Charger
On sale
Depths Of Love Table Lamp - Minimalist Lamps Depths Of Love Table Lamp - Minimalist Lamps
On sale

Brighten up the inside of your home with our modern table lamp collection. At Ozarké, you'll find a wide range of table lamps that can be used within your home from a minimalist led table lamp to a clock lamp with wireless charging. Browse the collection today.

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